As young professionals with budding careers, families, and social calendars you don’t always have the time or money to travel the world, the country, or anywhere that isn’t a relatively close driving/bus/train distance. It’s increasingly popular and shall we even say “trendy” to enjoy a stay-cation. For those of you in need of a break from your everyday life, without having to commit more than 1 or 2 days, these are the 10 things you can do on your next stay-cation.

1. Find closest accessible water source

It seems we all gravitate towards the sound of water, the smell of cool breeze, and the feel of sand between our toes. You don’t have to fly to the Caribbean or Hawaii to experience this. More than half of U.S. citizens live near a coast, and you are close enough you can visit a local river or lake. Go out solo or with a few friends, but it will surely hold you over until your next beach vacay.

2. Take a hike

Fortunately, all around the U.S. there are so many nature gems and places to get a good hike in. Of course its special hiking in the Blue Mountains in Australia, but honestly it feels really good as taking a hike on the trails near Philadelphia or wherever you live. Do a little extra searching and you mind even find your new go-to spot!

3. Read a book set in next place you want to vacation

Set aside a week to finish a book set in your next vacation spot, or even just a place you curious about. The right book will make feel completely immersed in the world they have created, which can be extremely satisfying – if even just for the moment.

4. Stay at local B&B

B&B’s are charming, romantic, and an intimate experience. Unlike hotels, they have a unique character, and the people staying these are usually extremely friendly. Most B&B’s have wonderful home-cooked breakfast and impeccable service. Our favorites are the ones located on local farms, wineries, or the ones that have scenic views just outside the window/balcony. New on the scene is GETAWAY house, for a tiny cabin nestled in nature!

5. Turn your house into a spa

Spa services are the first thing we look for when on vacation, especially in South East Asia. Thai massages are a must after a long flight and a good way to get in vacay mode. Now, there are affordable in-home message services that are Uber-style on-demand services that will make your house the next spa date for yourself or you and your loved one. Services like Soothe or Zeel off spa quality services for a reasonable price. Just make sure to clear an area big enough for your table, get a Zen playlist cued up, and set up your essential oils. Or book an appointment at your favorite place and book an entire package!

6. Attend an event worth staying home for

Events like Dîner en Blanc, Made in America, Fringe Festival make the time in your city so much more enjoyable and allow you to get a break from your everyday life. For ideas check out film festivals, restaurant weeks, beer & wine festivals, international musicians, arts & culture festivals, or a sporting event that you haven’t tried yet, and it may bring something very surprisingly new to your life!

7. Hire a personal chef for the evening

The site EatWith is great way to try new chefs either in your own home, or at theirs. You can try Authentic foods from all over the world, without having to get on a plane. One of the greatest things about traveling is to have epic meals cooked by someone else, this experience can be just as satisfying; if you open yourself up to it.

8. Take a 24 hour phone cleanse

This one is especially hard will our non-stop connectivity with work, friends, email, news etc. It helps if you spend the time in a secluded area, during a camping trip, or even a local retreat for a hobby you are passionate about. Even if you can’t dip off for a whole day, spend the time just interacting with your friends and family at home.

9. Spend the afternoon at a local winery

There are so many local wineries to try – Europeans aren’t the only ones who know how to make good wine! The U.S. alone has over 8,000 wineries, you are bound to find one nearby. Use Groupon to find tasting deals in your local area.

10. Try an Airbnb Experience in your own town

Try an Airbnb Experience! I’m sure there is something, that most visitors come to your town to see, that actually haven’t been to yet. Use this time to be a tourist in your own city! Take a walking tour and learn unique information about historical sites and landmarks. It’s actually very refreshing to be a little more in-the-know about the place you live.